Google Street Art View

The Red Bull Street Art View is an ever transforming site that lets visitors explore street art and part of cities from countries around the world. 
Powerfull - I love it!

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Waste and taste

From tourdefork, an italian food design laboratory, a product that re-uses kitchen wastes and give taste to our homes, the Orange Peel Hanger. In the italian houses during winter its usual to find orange, mandarin or lemon peels placed on a warm radiator. The oils contained in the skins evaporate and engulf the room with their fragrance. Funny and energetic the contrast between the white of the radiator and the orange of the peel.
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Like peel fruit

A new MH Way product line named "Buccia" by Makio Hasuike. A planar shape turning into a three dimensional bag through a zip fastener. A metaphor of shape-surface and fruit-peel that is revealed by a fluid and magic movement. A powerful concept! 

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Eco luxury in Scotland

Luxury, once a single segment at the top of the market, is now multi-layered, with different customers, marketing and prices. There’s a new luxury consumer with a ‘new slow’ or ‘deep living’ approach to life who wants sustainable, ethical and cultural-based luxury. 
Here below Eco Pod - Boutique Retreat a fantastic exemple of the emergent trend of eco luxury.

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It is raining, have fun!

Which of you have never played like this with a closed umbrella when child? 
Dragging the umbrella on the ground because it was too long for you, or you were tired because of the weight of it. Waiting for a bus on a rainy day using the tip of the umbrella as a pen to draw on the sidewalk.
Here below two projects for umbrellas result of creativity and observation, very cool!

Wheel Umbrella
While walking you rely the umbrella on the wheels in order not to feel the weight and dragging through rain puddles, like magic,
funny smiles appearing.
Designers: Lin Cheng-Han, Chung Yu-Hsun, Cheng Yu-Ting & Chen Shaw-Chen.


Rain Brush Umbrella
A silicon tip like a paint-brush dip into the rain puddles of the sidewalk let you draw water graffiti.

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Musa Boom designs a Bookshelves in Re-board

Free-standing bookshelves entirely made in Re-board with interlocking joints.  
Re-board is a paper based board, it is incredibly lightweight yet exceptionally strong. It is durable and contains no harmful components and it is form stable. And because it utilising waterbased adhesives it can be recycled as paper in normal waste paper streams.
Libreria autoportante interamente realizzata in Re-board con giunti ad incastro.

Structural shelves and uprights will be constructed from 10mm sheet doubled without break, in order to have a total thickness of 20mm. Besides increasing the resistance, in this way the view of the interior in reboard is limited to the maximum, in fact you can see it only to the short sides of bookshelves.

Ripiani e montanti strutturali, sono costruiti risvoltando e raddoppiando in modo continuo un foglio da 10mm in reboard, si otterrà così spessore complessivo di 20mm. In questo modo oltre ad aumentare la resistenza degli elementi si limita al massimo la vista dell'interno in reboard, che resterà visibile solo sui lati corti della libreria.

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Step 2 - CONSUMER TRENDS. Musa Boom designs a sustainable table.

As if we were reading coffee residues left in a mug, we can see three macro trends guiding our behavior in the future.
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Smart business card

Smart idea for an environmental friendly and low cost business cards. 

Un'idea intelligente per biglietti da visita ecosostenibili a basso costo.
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Images create emotions and push for action

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Step 1 - MIND MAP. Musa Boom designs a sustainable table.

A mind map to stimulate creativity, to explore the meanings, the collective imagination and then to create a new concept.
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