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Scent of Lithuania
Lietuvos Kvapas is the first lithuanian national scent.
Audronius Azubalis the foreign minister says: "When creating the Scent of Lithuania, our goal was not only to impersonate the fragrances of the country, but also to tell a story about its cities and villages, its nature, ancient traditions and cultural heritage, the character and the achievements of its people: everything what we are justly proud of and respected for".

We will see if it has the same success of the fragrance Eau de Cologne created by Giovanni Maria Farina an Italian perfume designer and maker. In the 17th century Eau the Cologne became rapidly famous worldwide and was an indispensable accessory at all royal courts. Being the very first perfume of its kind on the market, the word "Cologne" quickly became a household name. This perfume contributed to Cologne’s global fame. (source Wikipedia).

Again about scent marketing, never forget that the Church was the first institution of all the time that invested in scent to convey and spread its brand.
Eau du Cologne

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