Memory Lamp. Musa Boom designs a recycled lamp

The project arises from two real common situations. 
The first: in previous years, before iphone apps appeared, we were used to collect a lot of maps of cities and places we visited for journey or holidays. I love maps because they both represent the journey's state of mind and the identity of places. For that reason I always want, when possible, to keep them under my eye at home but the number of walls at home are a finite number... 
The second: it happens that an old inherited lampshade can be damaged after several years or can be too old style for our apartments. 
And so what to do with maps and lampshade? 
Throwing them away in the garbage doesn't sound good to me. 
So the idea to dress with maps the lampshade to keep vivid and luminous memories of our personal journeys. 
To do that you need vynilic glue, water, paintbrush, shissor and a little of handycraft.

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